Gilles Simon slams ITF for not listening to players

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Gilles Simon slams ITF for not listening to players

Gilles Simon has been part of the ATP Player's Council for years and in his press conference at the Monte Carlo Masters after his first-round win over Adrian Mannarino, he commented on the ITF's proposal to change the Davis Cup format in 2019.

Simon said that several players, including him, have been talking about it with ITF for a long time but they have been unable to find a solution. He said, 'There are requests for change on one side. But every time a suggestion is made, everybody is saying no, it's not good.

So it is complicated. Davis Cup has not the same importance according to the different players and according to the different countries. So pleasing everyone isn't going to happen. I'm very much at ease with all of this because we have absolutely no influence on Davis Cup whatsoever.

The ITF can make announcements, changes, and we can't do anything. Well, we can try and make some noise, but in the end, we have no influence. We are just subject to their decisions. Last year they announced something different.

I think it was three-setters instead of five-setters, but it was knocked down. I don't like wasting my energy on things where I have no impact. I'm just a spectator there.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: '25-second shot clock is good only for business'