Mischa Zverev: 'Me and Sascha have different personalities'

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Mischa Zverev: 'Me and Sascha have different personalities'

Mischa Zverev and Alexander Zverev are respectively 30 and 21 years old. The former achieved a career-high ranking at no. 25 in July 2017, while "Sascha" was the already world no. 3. Speaking to Sky Sport about his own character and his brother's, Mischa admitted that they are different in terms of character.

Mischa looks relaxed, while Sascha often gets angry when things go bad during a match. And he has some clear reasons to explain it. 'He is not strict. First, he is a lot younger, and he is very very competitive,' the eldest brother said.

'I try to look at life and the world with different eyes because I understand tennis is a big part of my life, but it's not everything in life. He is at a different age, (has a) different mentality and he wants to become the best he can be.

This is very important for his goals. We have different personalities, a ten-year difference but same parents!' ALSO READ: Roger Federer receives a big disappointment due to political issues