Francesca Schiavone to Coach Upcoming Young Male Players on Tour

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Francesca Schiavone to Coach Upcoming Young Male Players on Tour

Tennis - Former French Open champion Francesca Schiavone says she may take up coaching in the future. although she still pans to continue playing this season. Schiavone speaks about her coaching plans, "Well yes, I'd like to.

I'm already starting to follow some players and I like it. Especially when it comes to explaining the technique, because the strategy is quite obvious to us. I would really like to win a Slam with a player. No matter where we are, the important thing is to do what we like.

We still have a lot to give; I would like to follow young Italian junior boys players." Schiavone says that she had already started working with some young players. "I'm experimenting with some young people, especially with a guy who has some ATP points ...

he's an Indian and we train in Florida, in Miami. I'm learning with them, they're my "guinea pigs." When asked if she would like to become Fed Cup captain, Schiavone says, "But it is along the way (laughs).

If I had to say that I would really like it, right now I would say a lie, because I would do it but on my own terms. I'm a little bit difficult sometimes ...". Schiavone has not played since the Indian Wells event where she lost in the first round of the qualifiers and says she hopes to be back in time for Madrid.

"You know, it was a month and a half that I did not see tennis matches and coming here is always effective. I have this drug called tennis, which runs through my veins; so, as soon as I see a match again, the competitions, I feel an integral part of this and I immediately want to go on the court.

I was born this way." One of the changes that Schiavone says she would like to see in the game are for the players to bring in more angles. "I will bring the corners. These girls do not know how to use angles! The fixed scheme is fine but then we must find a way to open the field.

Halep and Wozniacki, as well as Venus, can very well open the field to enter and close. And then you have to improve the net game a lot and train many hours going forward. As they did when we were little girls; I remember hours and hours practicing on the net, at the Milan club.

You can also do it with the materials and the ball speed of today."' Also Read - Florian Mayer to End Career at US Open