The night where Stefanos Tsitsipas' life changed

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The night where Stefanos Tsitsipas' life changed

Apostolos Tsitsipas is the father and current Stefanos' coach and he spoke about how his son approached the sport he is now competing in. The 19-year old just achieved his best result ever on the ATP Tour ever by reaching the Barcelona Open semifinals last week.

'Stefanos started to play when he was really little', Apostolos said. 'I am a professional tennis coach and since Stefanos started to walk I kept him in the group of kids. He was clearly alone at the beginning, then he started to hold the racket in hand.

Then he started to play other sports like football or swimming, which benefited his body and the co-ordination. He was happy and was enjoying. He took the decision (to play tennis) when my friend in French invited me to a two-week summer camp and Stefanos came with me.

It was him to ask me to make him play the competition, he qualified for the Master that would have been player between the best eight guys... and he won it. That day he woke up in the middle of the night and he told me: "Dad, I have to tell you something: I want to become a tennis player, I like the competition, I like the challenge".

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