Coco Vandeweghe reveals she suffered depression

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Coco Vandeweghe reveals she suffered depression

Coco Vandeweghe had a great week at the Porsche Grand Prix Tennis reaching the final where he lost to the world No. 6 Karolina Pliskova, but in the past months, she had some tough time. At the end of last year, she wasn't really in a good place and was putting question marks on herself.

In a press conference, Vandeweghe spoke about what her feelings were. 'For me, it was just general unhappiness I wasn't out there playing I wasn't happy off the court', the American player explained. 'So, if I'm not happy and not enjoying myself on and off the court I'm not a good player.

And I think I've said that before if I'm enjoying my time and everything you know I'm a normal person, my life outside the court is not going to be rosy all the time. So, coming back and just really kind of being with my friends and being so-called normal, you know my older brother Was there giving me hard time per al and l was being made fun of becau se I don't know how to wakeboard and I was trying my best.

So, it was just like getting put in your place a little bit and just being a normal 26-year-old.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer finally speaks out about French Open decision