Roberta Vinci: I'm proud of what I've accomplished


Roberta Vinci: I'm proud of what I've accomplished

Former US Open Finalist Roberta Vinci said that she has no regrets from her illustrious career as she braces herself for the last tournament of her career. "I'm proud of what I've accomplished and of the career that I've had," Vinci said.

"If I had been told when I was a kid, 'You'll enter the top 10, become No. 1 in doubles and win all of the Grand Slams, plus four Fed Cups,' maybe I would have said there's something wrong here. Tennis has given me everything and I think I've given something to tennis." Hinting at coaching post her retirement, she still isn’t sure what she’ll do. "First I'm focusing on finishing well and enjoying my last days of training," she said.

"Hopefully I can win a few matches and put that last match off a bit." Speaking about the highlights of her career, Vinci said, "Certainly the victory over Serena at the U.S. Open is my career highlight," Vinci said. "That seems obvious." ALSO READ Simona Halep says Serena Williams should be seeded at Wimbledon

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