What is the best thing in tennis? Grigor Dimitrov tells it

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What is the best thing in tennis? Grigor Dimitrov tells it

What is the best thing in tennis? Grigor Dimitrov tried to explain it in his press conference at the French Open on Friday when asked why he has struggled in the tournament. 'I wish I could tell you more about it. I never found the right way of playing here.

I struggled with early rounds out here. I was not playing as good as I wanted to, but that's the best thing is you can always try, not only next year, but next week. I think that's one of the best things in tennis. I'm just looking forward to get out there and play again.

I'm always excited when I come out here. Always pleased, you know, to have a good preparation, so I'm always coming earlier out here. I'm going to give everything that I have for the last event on clay this year' When asked about this year's draw, Dimitrov said, 'Everything has to be accessible.

If you're out here, you're the no. 4 seed, and I think everything is, in a way, in your hands. You need to focus on what you have to do right now, focusing on the matches, and just take it one match at a time. I think that's the most important.

I think there is a lot of good and quality players, especially early in each round. So, in a way you need to be ready for anything that's ahead of me right now. Also, the past weeks haven't gone the way I wanted it or expected it, and then, yeah, so for me it's just the importance of focusing on each opponent.

My no. 1 priority right now is my first match. Let's start from there and hope it goes well.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'Without Mirka, things would have turned out differently'