Simona Halep: 'If you don't give up, you are able to do anything'

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Simona Halep: 'If you don't give up, you are able to do anything'

Simona Halep enjoyed a relaxing Sunday doing a photoshoot in the tournament site holding her French Open trophy and then speaking to reporters. Halep came back to speak on her recent great success: 'To play in 12 months three Grand Slam finals, for me means a lot.

And the fact that I didn’t give up after the one last year here means that I’m strong inside and I do this just because I love this sport. I love to be competitive on court. And I have learned in those 12 months that if you don’t give up you’re able to do anything.

So I hope the kids are taking this and the Romanians will believe more in themselves. I said that if I was in that position three times, I was close to win, it’s going to happen, I just have to keep working hard and not giving up.

I was looking and I was trying to learn something from other players who are really focused on the Grand Slams. I couldn’t do that in the past. For me every tournament is important and I feel that if I don’t treat every tournament with 100 per cent focus I will not be ready for the Grand Slams.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer reportedly set to leave Nike for Uniqlo