Simona Halep is being helped by a tennis legend, says her coach

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Simona Halep is being helped by a tennis legend, says her coach

Simona Halep won her first Grand Slam title not even two weeks ago beating the American Sloane Stephens in the French Open final. In a recent interview, her coach Darren Cahill revealed that Andre Agassi has been helping Halep for a while.

'He loves to coach', Cahill said about the eight-time Major winner. 'The world looks at his co-operation with Novak (Djokovic), but he has been doing it for 10 or 15 years. When I worked for Adidas, many people were coming to him.

He was involved in Simona's game in the last two years, we also spoke on Tuesday with him and we analyzed how Simo did in the final, how to handle it mentally and how to do some things to get in shape to Wimbledon.' Cahill also spoke about Halep's progresses: 'One of the problems I had was to make her play another game when things were not working.

Even if she plays very far away from the baseline, she likes to be quick. I tried to make her move, hit with more topspin, taking more time like Rafa does. But she forgot it at the beginning of the final. We spoke about it for two years, but the adrenaline made her starting to play fast, then she slowed down.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer reveals private conversation with Rafael Nadal