Duck-Hee Lee, the deaf player who wants to win a Grand Slam


Duck-Hee Lee, the deaf player who wants to win a Grand Slam

We learned about Lee Duck-Hee a couple of years ago. The 20-year-old is 234th ranked but he was 130th in April 2017. The South Korean lost to Attila Balazs in the first round of the 2018 Wimbledon qualifiers but in an interview to BBC Sport, he assured he has big goals.

'I’m very proud of myself as being the only deaf professional tennis player in the world at the moment', Duck-Hee said. 'I feel a huge responsibility that my every step as a tennis player will influence other deaf people.

I hope my career could give them a hopeful message that they could also overcome their disability and make their dream come true.' Duck-Hee is making a huge effort to make up for his deafness with his other senses, especially sight.

'I focus on watching and expecting the opponent’s swing and movement, which needs a very intensive concentration of my eyes and fast decision-making for the next move. I try to watch other players’ matches on websites as much as possible when I have spare time – I need image training because it gives a better understanding than giving me verbal coaching.' He added: 'Also, I am curious about the feeling of becoming a champion of Grand Slam.

I strongly believe that a day when I become a champion of a major tournament is coming if I keep up with training and my skills improve.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer spends time with his children at Wimbledon