Pat Cash speaks about Federer and Nadal

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Pat Cash speaks about Federer and Nadal

Former Wimbledon Champion Pat Cash spoke about Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, saying that the two’s accomplishments are freaky in nature. "I don't understand how he [Nadal] does it, I really don't know.

It's some form of obsession, there is no doubt about it, I don't know what drives him, but it has to be," said Cash. "Federer as well ... Why would he be playing at the age of 36 other than to please your adoring fans, and because he likes playing and he likes to win titles?” Cash then spoke about the benchmarks the two are setting. “They set the benchmark so ridiculously high that somebody like Novak looks like a failure compared to them because he's lost motivation for a year, which is ridiculous," said Cash.

"Novak had the best year [2015], possibly the best year tennis has ever seen. He played Nadal at his peak and Federer at his peak and he beat them. And these are two of the greatest guys we are talking about, so that took a lot out of him. "The same with Andy Murray.

Murray had a great year [2016] and then was exhausted the next year. That's normal. "What's not normal is that they [Federer and Nadal] go back year in, year out. It really is freakish and I can't quite find the answer to that, to exactly what it is." ALSO READ Grigor Dimitrov hits with Romeo Beckham: 'I enjoy'