Grigor Dimitrov: 'I have never tried alcohol'

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Grigor Dimitrov: 'I have never tried alcohol'

In tennis, in order to perform at your best and for as long as possible, eating and drinking well is crucial. In an interview with The Guardian, the world no. 6 Grigor Dimitrov, who recently became the ambassador for the ice-cream brand Häagen-Dazs, revealed something interesting about his lifestyle. 'I’ve worked with a nutritionist for about four years and she has been amazingly relaxed.

I presumed that she was going to be really strict and tell me to eat 20 grams of this and five nuts here, but she just sets a rough pattern and we alter it every few months based on a blood test,' Dimitrov said. 'So, if I’m iron deficient, we’ll increase the broccoli, for instance, but it’s not regimented.

As long as I don’t overindulge, it’s OK for me to eat burgers and ice-cream occasionally. As for alcohol? I’ve never tried it.' Dimitrov is a hard-worker, that's why he struggles at taking breaks. 'I’m terrible at relaxing and holidays.

For me, a day off is going to the gym. I could never just lie on the beach and read a book. If I had more free time, I’d go to race tracks or a motorcycle camp. My time off is so limited that I always want to do things that I haven’t done, but maybe that will change when my tennis career ends.

Perhaps I’ll go crazy for a year and then everything will go quiet at last.' He had a poor year so far, reaching just one final in Rotterdam. However, between Cincinnati and London Atp Finals, he needs to defend 2,500 points.

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Grigor Dimitrov