Dominika Cibulkova slams umpire: 'It was ridiculous'


Dominika Cibulkova slams umpire: 'It was ridiculous'
Dominika Cibulkova slams umpire: 'It was ridiculous'

Dominika Cibulkova was particularly frustrated during her fourth-round match against Su-Wei Hsieh. During the last game of the first set, Cibulkova's return was called out, but she challenged the Hawk-Eye system and the ball was actually in.

The umpire first awarded the point to Cibulkova, but Hsieh said she put the ball in after Dominika hit the return. The referee was called in and it was established that the point would be replayed After the match, Cibulkova complained a lot about it. ‘It was ridiculous what happened there,' she claimed.

'It never happened to me in my career that this would happen. Just a player is complaining. Sometimes I’m also complaining because I think it was a wrong call. But it never happened to me that the umpire changed the decision.

It was really ridiculous for me. I think it was a really bad decision from the supervisor and from the umpire. The right decision was, of course, to keep the decision. I mean, how many times it’s happening that a chair umpire is changing the decision? I think there should be, like, maybe one rule for this because you never know what’s going to happen.

It’s only about the chair umpire, what he thinks on his mind. Sometimes they can be wrong or right. Even if they are wrong or right, they are not going to change. I’m just talking it was not right to change the decision that she made.’ Cibulkova was asked about Hsieh's behaviour, but she thinks that her opponent didn't play really a crucial role into it.

'I had no sympathy because it’s just about the chair umpire. It happened to me many times. I’m a fair player. When I feel like this is something that should not happen, I would be maybe sympathy with her. For my opinion, this was not right what they do, what they did.' ALSO READ: 'Roger Federer is going to sell menswear,' Pat Cash

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