Cotorro: ´We´ve categorically ruled out surgery on the tendon for Rafael Nadal´


Cotorro: ´We&acuteve categorically ruled out surgery on the tendon for Rafael Nadal´

The medical team that is treating the left knee injury of Rafael Nadal has officially ruled out the need for surgery. The Spaniard will undergo conservative therapy and this could bring him back to the court in approximately two months.

"We have established, after the last test, a conservative treatment to which the tendon is responding well. The tendons are healing slowly, but we have decided to continue with this treatment categorically excluding surgery." These were the words of Angel Ruiz Cotorro, the physician in charge of Nadal’s recuperation during a conference in Barcelona.

The doctor has explained that: "The player has partially torn a tendon but it’s not in a serious condition so it was decided to intervene with a treatment for at least a month." This treatment is a combination of physical therapy, iontophoresis, laser and thermotherapy and he should return in about two months when the tendon is under normal conditions.

"What Rafa has suffered with is a patellar enthesopathy, a lesion of the posterior fibers of the patellar tendon that the syndrome of the body of Hoffa has further inflamed around the tendon itself." When we talked to Rafa a further postponement of his return on court, as well as the Davis Cup, was discussed.

He was a little demoralized but he is working hard to return to his original shape. "In any case the return will happen only once se have assumed the total certainty of recovery. We estimate about a month, if all goes well, he will continue woth the resumption of training on the court.

But this is not the priority, the first is the total recovery of the tendon," concluded Cotorro. Toni Nadal was more cautious as he said: "Rafa is not ready to compete in an important match. I believe we will be preparing for the Australian Open."

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