Mihaela Buzarnescu withdraws from US Open after scary ankle injury

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Mihaela Buzarnescu withdraws from US Open after scary ankle injury

There were some terrific scenes in Montreal on Wednesday as the Romanian Mihaela Buzarnescu suffered a terrible ankle injury. On Twitter, Buzarnescu gave important updates on her condition. No bones broken, but one ligament broken and two stretched.

She will take a break, won't play US Open Series and the Grand Slam tournament either and hopes to comeback for the Asian swing. Her opponent Elina Svitolina ran straightaway to her, and in the press conference, the Ukrainian - who won the match as Buzarnescu retired down 4-3 in the third set - said: 'It's really, really tough to see.

Of course, for her to experience this. I could see straightaway it was serious injury there. I was really shocked. She was in pain. I could see straightaway. Yeah, I was really, really shock. I didn't really know what to do. I tried to help her, to calm her down a bit.

It's terrible to see players getting injured that bad on court.' Commenting further, she said, 'As I said, it's the first time it was that bad. I could see straight away that it was really bad. You could see.

There was blood, as well, a little bit. That's why I saw straight away that it's really, really serious. There is nothing we could do, me or chair umpire. I thought it took ages for people to arrive. The ankle was getting bigger and bigger, like, each second.

It's tough to see. It's tough to experience for her definitely. It's, like, the worst probably feeling for any athlete to get injured that bad. 'For physios, it's tough to arrive quicker,' Svitolina explained.

'But I think in general we should have few people who are medically trained all the time on the court because me or chair umpire, we don't know what to do in these kinds of situations when the injuries are really serious like that.

When there is blood, as well. I have goosebumps. I mean, I don't know. Maybe we have to take courses or something to help this kind of situation. For example, what if someone gets a heart attack? You need to act in the next minute, not like it was five, six minutes it took them to get there.'