Grigor Dimitrov: 'There is a lot more to come for me, 2018 is not over'

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Grigor Dimitrov: 'There is a lot more to come for me, 2018 is not over'

Grigor Dimitrov has withdrawn from the doubles draw where he was supposed to pair up with the Belgian David Goffin. Dimitrov took the decision after the long three-set win over Frances Tiafoe. Commenting on coming through the third round on Thursday, Dimitrov said: 'It's great.

Obviously, I haven't competed in about, yeah, four, four and a half weeks. And to come out and just play, I mean, that's all I wanted. I was really not focusing on winning or losing. I was just focusing to build up and start playing good tennis and start building the right habits.

And eventually, if you do all these things right, you win. And I think those days were just that for me. Clearly I'm not playing my best tennis, but I'm finding a way and managing to go through those matches, and I think I'm improving.

With each game, with each point that I play, I feel more confident, more stable on the court, and everything falls into its place. So hopefully that's a great step forward for me.' Asked if pressure may have influenced him this year after winning his greatest career-title at the London ATP Finals, Dimitrov replied: 'The biggest pressure that I could probably experience has always been from myself.

And that is to play better, that is to do things better, to improve and stuff like that. I have never got that from anything else. Whether it's, like, I have to defend tournaments, points, or outside factors. Like people and the negative talk and everything that has been coming along my way, I don't care about it.

I mean, I have my inside voice. I'm surrounded by the people that I want to be surrounded by family, friends. I feel I have the right people around me. Last year was, yes, unbelievable year without a doubt. But it's all a learning process for me.

And I still believe that there's a lot of more to come for me. Yes, this year hasn't been the best, clearly, but it's not over. We're just halfway through. So, I mean, one of the best things, everything is in your hands.

So if things go the right way, let's see how it ends.' ALSO READ: Novak Djokovic can reach Roger Federer's 20 Major titles - Gustavo Kuerten