Alexander Zverev: 'People didn't like what I said, but I am very honest'

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Alexander Zverev: 'People didn't like what I said, but I am very honest'

Alexander Zverev was on the headlines after Toronto's Rogers Cup quarter-finals loss to Stefanos Tsitsipas for saying that the match was a pathetic one and neither he or his opponent played well. Speaking to Tennis TV now in Cincinnati, ahead of the start of tournament, Zverev reflected on it and said: 'In Toronto I didn't feel like I played my best.

(What) I said in the press conference after, a lot of people didn't like too much but I am always a very honest guy, I always say what I think and I always say what I think about the matches. I said I didn't play my best to be honest, but I am ready to go here.' Commenting on his North-American hard-court season in general, the 21-year-old added: 'I played really well in Washington winning a big title again.

I feel like I am playing well, I am getting used to the conditions, here it's very different. Actually I have never won a match here so I hope that it will change this year.' About his 2018 season, he added: 'I won three titles this year, and on all different levels.

One 250 (Munich), one 500 (Washington) and one Masters (Madrid). So I hope this can go up a little bit and I can win a few more titles and I hope there's progress, maybe you win one different title but it's great', he said hinting at the US Open.

'It's a good season again, number two in the Race. So far it went well.' On Cincinnati draw, Zverev finally concluded: 'I think there is a lot of favorites and you can't pick one, but I try my best, I try to get used to conditions.

I have struggled into it in the past years but I hope it will change this year.' ALSO READ: After playing with shot clock for a week, Rafael Nadal gives his thoughts