Jamie Murray: I am excited seeing Andy back

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Jamie Murray: I am excited seeing Andy back

Andy Murray will enter the US Open with 'no expectations', says older brother Jamie. "I think I would do the same if I'd barely hit a ball for a year," Jamie Murray said. "So I don't think he's coming into the tournament expecting to win or feeling like he's playing his best tennis,” he further added.

Jamie further added that he is excited seeing his younger brother back in action. "I'm excited for him to be back playing," he said. "He obviously feels like he's ready to get stuck into five set matches so that's good.

"I know he's missed it. He's missed being a part of it. It's been a long time away for him and I'm sure he's just excited to be back out on court. "He's going to be playing on Louis Armstrong, a brand new court which is really cool.

The stadium looks amazing; I think they've done a brilliant job with that. And look, I hope he has a good run. "I don't think winning is probably a possibility for him. I imagine he doesn't think that either but hopefully he can get through some rounds and build up some miles in his legs as well." ALSO READ Daria Gavrilova: I have got different weapons