'Kyrgios needs to be dedicated to compete with Roger Federer' - McEnroe

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'Kyrgios needs to be dedicated to compete with Roger Federer' - McEnroe

John McEnroe believes that Nick Kyrgios should make a bigger effort to compete at the highest level. Commenting the Australian player's loss to Roger Federer in the US Open third round, 6-4, 6-1, 7-5, McEnroe said: 'I like Nick as a person, he’s playing Laver Cup.

But some of the questions about efforts are warranted. You need to be dedicated to be there with the big boys.' Kyrgios hit several trick shots and he lost the second set in just 25 minutes, which left question marks on his attitude.

Commenting on why he won the second set so easily, Federer said: 'I think it was probably a combination of the sun being gone, always plays into how good you see the ball and how you can feel, and obviously the beginning of the match can be rocky sometimes, and then I think with the one-set lead, you also do loosen up a bit.

I think it was a combination of those three things.' Commenting on Nick's outrageous shot, Federer said: 'Well, I was thinking about it while he was doing it. Other guys play the shot you're supposed to hit, and then if you get beat, you're, like, Maybe I should have hit Nick's shot.

Nick goes the other way around. He hits that shot, but then if he doesn't win that point, maybe he tells himself, Well, maybe I should have hit a normal shot. It just goes the other way around. And he's very good at doing these shots, too.

Clearly, at 40-15, he should have hit a normal forehand in the open court, and he chooses to go for sort of the drop shot, which at the end cost him the match. So clearly when you play that way and you lose, it's always, like, you feel like he's so much to blame, but that's just how he plays.' Kyrgios will now take a break and will be back to compete just at the Chicago's Laver Cup where he will be the leader of Team World for the second year in a row.

Afterwards, he is committed to play in Tokyo and Shanghai. ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title