Rafael Nadal: ´I do not know how long I will play... maybe this break will stretch my career´

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Rafael Nadal: ´I do not know how long I will play... maybe this break will stretch my career´

Rafa Nadal today will be rewarded by Vanity Fair Spain with the person of the year award in Madrid, and it is on this occasion that the Spaniard has released interesting statements regarding his current situation but also about the future: "I ​​do not know how long I will play still tennis.

In five years I will be 31 years old and I started when I was 16 ... Who knows, maybe with myself taking a break will help me to extend my career a little more. This was definitely was one of the best seasons of my life if it was not for the knee injury.

I felt fit and able to win every tournament I took part. Then came the hard times." The number 4 in the world also focused on the Wimbledon Finals of 2006/2007 and 2008, the year that saw him become number one in the world for the first time: "In 2006 when I got to the end I was very happy.

Losing in 2007 it was very difficult to accept. I played very well throughout the match, then at the end of the fourth set, I felt a pang in my knee and I was unfocused. In the fifth set I played really badly. When you lose you never know if that was your last chance to win Wimbledon so I was very disappointed.

Winning helps you mentally because you feel you've given that little bit extra. You can see the trophy and you are proud to have won." When asked what the biggest win of his tennis life is, Rafa says, "Success is not so much the trophy but everything that led you to conquer it.

What makes me happy is the certainty of having done everything possible. For example, this year I lost the final in Australia and of course it’s something that I did not like, but somehow I was happy. It was still a success even though I lost that way because I fought until the end." .