Jesse Watters: Serena Williams is best tennis player in the world

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Jesse Watters: Serena Williams is best tennis player in the world

Fox News host Jesse Watters defended Serena Williams’ actions in the US Open Finals, which she lost to Naomi Osaka in straight sets. Serena was given three code violations with the third one being a game penalty. “It’s Serena Williams.

She’s the best tennis player in the world. She deserves deference in a moment like this. This was the second set of a championship match. A final,” Jesse Watters said. “She was losing and she was frustrated, and I agree she shouldn’t have thrown her racket but the whole coaching thing from the box, it happens all the time, that should have been a slap on the wrist.” Williams accused Carlos Ramos of being a liar and demanded an apology from the umpire for accusing her of cheating, which her coach acknowledged was true.

A lot of umpires have backed down from officiating Serena’s matches due to this entire fiasco. “I do think though, it’s like teeing up Michael Jordan at the end of the game, game seven, 2 minutes left and they are down by 2.

You don’t do that. They took away the match from the fans. They took it away from Serena — she had chance to come back. She should have gotten a warning for that but it would have let the verbal abuse slide just to keep the integrity of the match,” he continued.

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