Novak Djokovic: 'Umpires should get fined if they make mistakes'

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Novak Djokovic: 'Umpires should get fined if they make mistakes'

In press conference at the Laver Cup Novak Djokovic largely spoke about the officiating tennis system after the controversial cases involving Carlos Ramos with Serena Williams and Mohamed Lahyani with Nick Kyrgios. 'Look, they are all human beings, as well.

We have to understand that they can't always be at their best, although I have to kind of stay on the players' side and I fully agree with players when they say that if we make some mistake, so to say, whether we violate certain rules verbally or in any way break a racquet or whatever that is, we get warning', Djokovic said.

'We get fined by the event a significant sum of money. So that's what players, in general and that I have been noticing, have been saying that the officials should also be responsible for their action and they should also get fined if they make a big mistake that changes the course of the match.

That, I agree with, although I have to also try to be empathetic and understand them, that they always are in the position where two players are kind of coming at them. I have been part of that heated exchanges couple of times with the chair umpires, and it's in the midst of kind of a fight on the court and a battle.

Sometimes you just feel that a call is not what it's supposed to be at least in your opinion, and then you get into an argument. I don't deny that I was wrong in those arguments before. Some of them I was right. But in general, I think that we should all be responsible for our actions, yeah.' Speaking about Lahyani getting banned from Beijing and Shanghai tournaments, Djokovic said: 'Maybe two events without pay is a bit too much.

But at the same time, there should be kind of action upon the responsibilities and deeds from, in this particular case, Mohamed or officials. So the authorities there are there to supervise, judge, and evaluate and make decisions.

I think that the players will be happy not because they will be happy that Mohamed was fined and sanctioned in that way, but just be happy that in general there is some kind of a form of a fine that is implemented in this particular case, because then, you know, it makes them believe that it's both ways that it's not only for players but also for officials.

I like Mohamed a lot. I think he's a nice guy and he brings a lot of good energy there. He makes his job entertaining, which is not easy at times for them. Sorry that he had to go through that, but the same time, I'm sure that the players would welcome this, knowing that somebody is getting fined for their, so to say mistakes and actions.' ALSO READ: 'Roger Federer should never play on clay again' - Andy Roddick