Mikhail Youzhny: Denis Shapovalov is a far cry from the rest

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Mikhail Youzhny: Denis Shapovalov is a far cry from the rest

Mikhail Youzhny is a very experienced tennis player having won 499 matches as a professional. The Russian, who ended his career at last week's St. Petersburg Open, spoke about the Next Generation players. 'Each of the young players is unique in his way.

For example, Sasha Zverev, (Stefanos)Tsitsipas, (Denis) Shapovalov and the Russian lads (Daniil) Medvedev, (Karen) Khachanov and (Andrey) Rublev. All of them are unique. And Zverev already is showing good results. But I like Denis Shapovalov’s game style most of all.

It is a far cry from all the others whom I have mentioned. They play pretty much the same game - someone serves better, another one does fewer unforced errors. But Denis’ game is more interesting. Besides he is a lefty and it is also a factor, so he is interesting to watch,' said Youzhny in an interview published in the official site of the tournament.

How soon will he want to turn on the TV and watch a tennis match from start to finish? 'Even now I will do it with pleasure. If a match is interesting and it doesn’t last more than five hours, why not watch it? I am not tired of tennis.

I am finishing my career not because I want to hang (up) my racket as they say. I will always watch tennis, I will always follow tennis news.' Youzhny has no regrets about his decision: 'No, to be honest, I am not planning to return.

If you decided to leave, you should leave and should not look back. 499, 500, 501 are just numbers. I can name a lot of things that I could improve. It seems to me that the number 499 will be remembered more often than 500 wins.' What were your feelings when you left the court? 'It was pretty unusual.

Usually after the defeat, if this is not the final, you take your bag and go to the locker room. And here I stayed a little longer on the court. It was very enjoyable to watch the video, see this banner. Many thanks to the organizers of the tournament and to the crowd for such support and warm welcome.

It does feel sad, but this sadness is not overwhelming.' ALSO READ: 'Roger Federer should never play on clay again' - Andy Roddick