Andrea Petkovic: 'I played against Mladenovic and Thiem in the same match'

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Andrea Petkovic: 'I played against Mladenovic and Thiem in the same match'

Andrea Petkovic defeated Kristina Mladenovic at the Linz Open on Friday to continue her good season and reach the semifinals. In press conference, Petkovic said she felt Mladenovic got a lot of support as her boyfriend Dominic Thiem was there.

'During the match, I heard "Idemo" and I turned around and I thought it was for me. But no, it was Mladenovic's dad screaming and then "No! I don't wanna look there! It's weird seeing Thiem in player's box.

It was unfair, I told them I played vs two today', Petkovic told reporters as quoted by Diego Barbiani. A few weeks ago Petkovic made a quip that "Everybody knows I've got a lot going on upstairs, a lot of thoughts." Does she think tennis players or athletes in general, sometimes it can be a bit of an issue to have too much going on upstairs? To be too intellectual, for lack of a better word? 'I think there are two sides of it.

On the court itself, it's better to have as little thoughts as possible and try to be in the moment and sort of find the Zen-like state of mind. I think that's the best for on the court. But I think off court my mind has helped me in tremendous ways just because I was able to be really good in my analysis and analyze where I went wrong and what I could do better.

So these little things, I think a strong mind can also help you -- or a lot of thoughts can also help you if you manage to put in some structure into it and have people that guide you in a good direction' said Petkovic, who then commented on her comeback from injuries: 'I think everybody has the feelings every now and then that you want to be somebody else, I think, for at least a day or so, just to get out of your own head.

So I've had that feeling definitely, and many times after bad losses or where my mind maybe got in the way. But I'm 30 now, which is very old for tennis but very young for life. So I feel like my experience helps me to, as I said, point my thoughts in the right direction a little bit better and also cope with losses better afterwards and just try to manage, you know, to direct things in the right direction overall.

It's always an up and down and it's always a process, but I feel like I'm heading towards the right direction for at least now.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title