Stefanos Tsitsipas blasts two Next Gen ATP Finals rules

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Stefanos Tsitsipas blasts two Next Gen ATP Finals rules

Stefanos Tsitsipas defeated Jaume Munar in his opening match at the Next Gen ATP Finals but the 20-year-old Greek player admitted he was not satisfied with some of the rules that were experimented in Milan. 'Very stressful from the beginning of the match,' Tsitsipas admitted.

'Every point counts. You can get broken any moment. So there was a lot of stress, many tie-breaks. One thing that I didn't like that much was the towel thing. I was always, you know, had to run for the towel, always had it in my mind when I was playing.

So the rest was pretty okay. Maybe a little bit the coaching on court I'm really not a big fan of, to be honest with you. I think the player should find solutions by himself. Yeah, I'm not -- I don't really like to talk when I'm playing on the court.

So the rest was fine. Great performance. Going to try to work on my serve on my next match and a little bit, you know, grab my opportunity a little earlier because I didn't do so today. 'Basically when you play in high level, you have the ball kids give you the towels, so it's a bit unusual to not have that when you play a match.

I think having the towels whenever you need it, it's very helpful. It's one thing less that you have to think about. So I believe to be playing your best game you just don't need to think about whether you're going to take your towel now or later.

You can just call the ball kid. I think the ball kid, it's their job to provide towels and balls for the players. Nothing else. That's it. Pretty much it.' Asked how many towels he carries on court with himself, Tsitsipas replied: 'Today was, I think, the entire -- I was confused myself.

I started with one side, then I completely forgot that I have to take it. I was saying to one of the physios just before I walk in here that it would be very nice to have two boxes on each side with each player's name so you can just go there and leave your towel on one side and have another one on the other side.

So like this, youare covered. Because it was a bit strange. You know, I saw a towel, which I was not sure if it was mine or my opponent's towel from before. And I was always using new towels for almost every set.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer explains why he is not the greatest player ever