Frances Tiafoe blasts no-ad rule: 'With it,John Isner would be world no. 1'

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Frances Tiafoe blasts no-ad rule: 'With it,John Isner would be world no. 1'

Like many other young guys, Frances Tiafoe also does not believe that all the Next Gen ATP Finals rules this year are right. In an interview after his win on Tuesday, Tiafoe was asked about the two worst and best rules of the event. 'Definitely not the no-ad because, I mean, guys like Isner would be no.

1 in the world. There's no way you could beat him,' joked Tiafoe. 'What are the other ones? Let's see. The towel I'm still indecisive about. Don't quote me on it. I'm indecisive. It's not a yes or no.

Then the lets, lets are cool. But at the same time -- I mean, I think lets maybe would be cool. So probably the lets. And the Hawk-Eye. I like the Hawk-Eye. I think it's good. I think, you know, it takes the -- it's like the ref is not even there.

He's completely irrelevant. So I like the Hawk-Eye. Obviously that's quite expensive, but I guess that's for ATP to handle it. I don't know.' Then, speaking about the infrastructure in the Next Gen ATP Finals, he said, 'Couple of things are different.

Last year, for sure, on Sunday they were done with the courts, of building it. And this year, even this morning they were still doing something, finishing. And the court is completely different compared to last year. It's much -- I mean, double -- faster double than last year.

And that's the -- yeah. All the rest is the same. Same hotel. Same food, yeah, which is good. I think transportation is a little bit better than last year. I mean, yeah, it's better, but sometimes they forget the way. But all the rest, yeah.

Now at least we have car anytime we want. So there is some improvements.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title