Apostolos Tsitsipas: 'In free time, Kyrgios plays basketball. Stefanos...'

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Apostolos Tsitsipas: 'In free time, Kyrgios plays basketball. Stefanos...'

Apostolos Tsitsipas believes there are some crucial differences between his son Stefanos and Nick Kyrgios. Speaking to Sport 360, Apostolos - who is Stefanos' main coach - praised his son for the attitude and effort he has put on so far in trying to break through in tennis.

'Nick Kyrgios, it’s very difficult for him to do this kind of job, because this job takes all your free time', said Apostolos. 'For Stefanos free time means I do something that helps me to be creative, helps me to be balanced.

That’s what helps him. Kyrgios, free time is to play basketball. So it’s different things. It doesn’t really take him a lot of time. For Stefanos, to do the montage of one vlog, it could take him weeks, it’s very complicated.

But he’s a good child. What I like in him, he says, ‘I would like to be No. 1 in the world but I wish also the same for every other player out there fighting for that’. That’s a good mindset and good approach for life.' Apostolos also commented on Stefanos' biggest career achievement so far, the Rogers Cup final in Toronto.

That week the 20-year-old defeated four top ten players and only lost to Rafael Nadal in the final. 'I can tell you that made me really impressed', said Apostolos. 'If I stop to analyse this, it’s unbelievable strength.

He was really inspired there. There were a lot of Greeks, they supported him every day, all week. He was inspired, he felt like he has one more reason to play, and to play well. And that’s very important for champions. Maybe it’s more important than to earn more money or be better in the ranking.

When the people like him and interact the way they did with him in Toronto, it was really amazing.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title