Alexander Zverev is willing to suffer every day, says fitness trainer

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Alexander Zverev is willing to suffer every day, says fitness trainer

In an interview to The Daily Mail Alexander Zverev's fitness trainer Jez Green commented on the German player's ATP Finals run that ended in the best possible way, with the championship clash won against Novak Djokovic 6-4 6-3.

Green covers a big role in Zverev's success, as they started working together in 2014, when Alexander was just 17 years old. Green had just split with the three-time Grand Slam winner Andy Murray, 'Physically he is a natural athlete with an old-school work ethic', Green said on Zverev.

'This work ethic came from his parents and older brother who instilled the idea that you must work hard every single day. For a player who is six feet six his movement, agility and balance are exceptional. This is the first thing I noticed when I saw him at 15.

He moves low and wide and with a high level of coordination which is very unusual at this height. Sascha's ambition makes him special, he is hungry to be the best he can be and is prepared to do the work. Every day in the gym and on the court he will willingly suffer if he believes it will make him better.

He's also willing to invest in himself for the future. He has built a great team around him to push him to achieve his goals. This shows he understand the big picture and that achieving great things in tennis is a long term process.

To take responsibility for this is impressive. He is only going to get stronger and faster over the next few years, which is very exciting. He also has what you can't teach, that desire to fight and compete on the match court.' ALSO READ: Alexander Zverev explains how Ivan Lendl helped him to beat Novak Djokovic