Belinda Bencic Says She is Dating Her Fitness Trainer

Tennis - Bencic says the situation was unexpected but ideal

by Prakash
Belinda Bencic Says She is Dating Her Fitness Trainer

Tennis - Swiss tennis star Belinda Bencic says she is dating her fitness trainer Martin Hromkovic. In an interview to Blick, Bencic talks about how their professional relationship came to being personal. "It came a little unexpected, but it's an ideal situation.

When I work on fitness in Slovakia, we can be together. As a tennis professional, relationships are so difficult. I do not see my best friend until half a year later. You never see another tennis player. A man waiting at home - no chance! Martin wants the best for me privately and professionally.

He often travels, I'm very grateful for his support! Fortunately, we can separate private and professional life well. When I work, I really see him as a coach. I hope it stays that way. For him, the job is done when I'm fit. Martin was an athlete himself, a footballer.

So he understands well when I'm nervous or tense."

In the same interview, Bencic also talks about being coached by her father once again.

"My parents and my brother visited me in Linz, the day before I had finished my cooperation with coach Wlado Platenik. Then I traveled with my father to Luxembourg, where I reached the final. It clicked and I decided not to look for another coach for the time being.

My dad knows me and my tennis best." Bencic adds that it is difficult for her to fire coaches but since she has only one career, she has to do what is best for her career. "I've had a lot of coaching changes lately, I know ...

Separation always strikes me hard and I'm sorry. Especially if I'm comfortable with someone. But I have only one career, so I have to look for the people who fit me perfectly." Also Read - Dominic Thiem Talks About His French Open Goals

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