Playing 109 matches in a year and losing money: Roberto Marcora's case

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Playing 109 matches in a year and losing money: Roberto Marcora's case

In an interview to Punto de Break, the world No. 284 29-year-old Italian tennis player Roberto Marcora admitted that for him it has been a tough year on an economical level. This year Marcora played 109 matches, scoring a 67-33 singles match win/loss record and 6-3 in doubles.

Marcora earned almost $22,000 from prize money tournaments competing in the Challengers and ITF. 'This year I have lost money. In 2015 I achieved my career-high ranking being 178th. That year and 2014 were the years where more or less I kept on the same level between earnings and expenses', said Marcora, who earned $32.899 in 2014 and $42.567 in 2015.

'I always earned less than what I spent. I do not deny it, if it wasn't for my father, who is my only sponsor, I would already have left it for some time. I know that I am privileged because I did not get any support nor from sponsors nor from the Italian federation so that I have to thank a lot my father who always supported my career on a financial level.' 'You always have expenses.

It helps that in Challengers, main draw players get hospitality for free but you still have the air flight, lunch and dinner. And then when you have to travel with your coach, so the expenses are double. It's complicated to save money because it's important to eat well in order to perform and not get too tired, so you always go to eat at the restaurant.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title