Mischa Zverev: 'Me and brother Sascha are constantly in competition'

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Mischa Zverev: 'Me and brother Sascha are constantly in competition'

The German tennis player Mischa Zverev commented on the ten-year age difference between him and his brother Alexander, the world No. 4 singles player. 'Recently, I am slowly starting to feel the ten-year difference with my brother, I am already 31 years old.

I am already starting to think about what I will do after my tennis career, while he just started. Once joking I had said that I wanted to end my career with my brother one day. I would like to stay on the Tour, going with him in the tournaments, travelling, so let's see.

My main job now is not to get injured. In training with Sascha, sometimes we have such battles! In training you are less stressed: you practice with no pressure. Winning, losing - it's not so important. In our country everything is different: the training is often more important than matches.

We often have long sets, 7-6, 7-5. And you know, it just makes us better! We are constantly in competition. Let's say we challenge each other in fitness: who will lift five more kilograms, who will run or jump', said Mischa as quoted by Championat.

Mischa also spoke about Alexander apparently saying that he feels 100% German and there are no Russian characters in him. 'He may have been understood', Mischa said. 'Anyway, we have Russian parents and many family members and friends from Russia come to see us.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title