Ashleigh Barty: There is still leaps and bounds to improve on

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Ashleigh Barty: There is still leaps and bounds to improve on

Australian No.1 on the Women’s side – Ash Barty recently became the ambassador for newly-launched Fox Sports streaming service Kayo Sports. The Australian’s coach said that she would be focusing on the much feared backhand slice.

But Barty has other ideas. “There’s still leaps and bounds to improve on,” Barty said. “We’re sitting at a career high of 15 and there’s so much more that we can to do improve my game and continue to develop my game.

It’s something that I was taught from my first coach when I was a lot younger that you have to have all the shots and we’re just trying to chip away at that to try and get towards a complete player. “Generally, I’m not the biggest girl so a lot has to do with being able to hold my position on the baseline and hang with the bigger girls who can hit a bigger ball than me.

Not giving them court position. Staying up in the court so I can control the points as much as possible because it isn’t my game to be running side to side for two and a half hours. I like to be in control. I like to use my variety, “It’s no secret that I try to set up my game around my serve and my forehand and the more I do that in a match usually it’s a better outcome.

It’s trying to put the ball in a position where I can control the point.” Speaking about Kayo sports, Barty said, “I’m a sports nut. It’s a bit of a match made in heaven where I’m always looking to stream my sports when I’m away.” “In particular the cricket, AFL, surfing and netball.

They’re always sports that I’m interested in and I think for me with Kayo streaming 50 sports on demand it’s pretty cool, especially when I’m away. “Kayo is going to be able to give fans the opportunity to watch things like the (women’s) cricket that they haven’t been able to watch a helluva lot of in the past and I think it’s going to open a few more doors for the public to be able to watch some of Australia’s best athletes like them.” ALSO READ Nick Kyrgios drops big praises on Brisbane International