Priscilla Hon: I don’t want to just play, I want to win matches

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Priscilla Hon: I don’t want to just play, I want to win matches

Recently awarded the wildcard at the Australian Open, young gun Priscilla Hon has started playing more WTA Events to get used to the standards the tour demands. “I feel like last year I was excited just to be there (at those tournaments).

I wasn’t really thinking I could win matches. I was thinking, oh this is nice, this is cool,” she said. “But now, just being around the girls, you feel a bit more part of it. I’ve obviously competed with some of the best now and I feel a little more confident.” “They’re obviously on another level with the mental part, but if you’re just talking about strength wise, like hitting the ball, it’s all pretty similar.

It’s just a few points here and there. Obviously they’re all quite fit so they can last however many matches in a row. So just to physically get there, and stay there (is my goal).” Qualifying for some events on the WTA Tour, she is now looking forward to the new season.

“Probably mid-year – and there was still half a year left – but I was like, I’m not really where I want my ranking to be. I don’t have that many tournaments left. And I thought maybe I’ll finish the same as last year, which I wasn’t too happy about,” she said. “I think mentally you need to get up for it (the end of the season).

I think I did again. So I was pretty happy about that. I had a strong end to the year.” “I felt like this year I kind of learned how to restart and reset a little bit better. Having a few more breaks in between whenever I can and just turn off – have a few days off here and there.

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