Happy Marat Safin: 'I have no girlfriends!'

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Happy Marat Safin: 'I have no girlfriends!'

Speaking to Sports.ru, Marat Safin said he does not have any relationship with girls. The former world No. 1 prefers to be alone. 'I do not have a girlfriend and a wife either', Safin said. 'For a long time. So it happened.

I do not want it, I have no wish for that. I am not ready for it. I like the way I live. I do not want to build any relationship with no one. I do not want to share my personal life. I do not want to share my things. I only want to live for myself, travel, not be connected to anyone.

I live tofally free. Now I need time, I need to rest. I had a long relationship and then I decided that I want to live for myself.' Safin does not like social media: 'I do not have a Twitter account. I am not on Facebook.

Life is mine, just for me. At home I read newspapers, I read. Many documentaries are on YouTube. This is what I have been doing in the last two or three years and I am perfectly okay with it.' Asked how often he meditates, Safin replied: 'Once a day, twice.

An hour and a half, in the morning or in the evening. I always find time. Believe me, when you want it, you will forever find it.' Safin is back to give interviews to media one year ago, he often said that Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal keep dominating because younger players are bad.

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