Marat Safin reveals big regret about behaviour on tennis court

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Marat Safin reveals big regret about behaviour on tennis court

If he played now, would Marat Safin behave the same as he did in his career? In an interview to, the former Russian player admitted he has some regrets. 'No, I would be calm. And before it was different, because you are nervous all the time due to matches.

For six months in a row you go on court when it's 45C, and you start getting angry', said Safin. Safin feels grateful for his career: 'I think I was lucky in life, that I played tennis. We had no money. Luckily I went to Spain.

If I did not travel, it would have happened nothing. What's started is magic. Also, no one knows what's needed to get results. Especially to be the number one.' Safin is satisfied with his current financial situation: 'I have enough (money).

We have different approaches. Someone needs $10 million, someone $10 billion. Much less is enough for me.' Commenting on how his character changed over the years - Safin was considered as a bad boy on a tennis court - he said: 'A lot changed.

You are more experienced and based on things happened in the past, you make conclusions from it. I achieved a lot.' Safin is a two-time Grand Slam champion and has won the 2000 US Open and 2005 Australian Open. He earned a $14 million career prize money.

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