Denis Istomin Looking Forward to Playing a Few More Years

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Denis Istomin Looking Forward to Playing a Few More Years

Tennis - 32-year-old Denis Istomin says he hopes to be able to compete on the ATP World Tour for a few more years as several players in the ATP Top 100 are now well into their 30s. The Uzbek, who is competing in the Maharashtra Open in Pune, told Scroll: “Earlier, most players were close to finishing their careers at 30, but now 60% of the top 100 is over 30.

A lot of players are over 30 already. Roger [Federer] is also 37 this year... If he can do it, why can’t the others, right? Of course, the young generation is improving a lot but we are still here and still fighting.” Reflecting on his 2018 season and looking forward to his 2019 season, Istomin, who won the Asian Games in 2018, says, “This time the season was not really good.

I was losing a lot and had some injuries between tournaments. I was a little bit unlucky as well. I hope this [new] year will be good. I will plan my tournaments a little different, so let’s see. I am working a lot on my health with injuries but I am feeling good now.

I have prepared well, so let’s see how it goes. Not like there are something special things I am doing but I am improving everything a little bit, I hope so at least. At my age, it is tough to have some goals because you don’t know what is going to happen.

But I am enjoying being here, to play and compete and be a top-100 player. So maybe [the goal] is to stay in the top-100 but looking forward to coming back in the top 50.” Istomin says he is looking forward to playing at the Tata Open in Pune after competing at the ATP Chennai Open in 2010.

"It is less humid than Chennai, not really hot either, so I would say [it is] good preparation for Australia because there is hot [weather] straight away, so for three days you need to adjust." Also Read - Roger Federer Speaks About Agnieszka Radwanska's Retirement