'I could not brush my teeth' - Wozniacki reveals symptoms of her disease

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'I could not brush my teeth' - Wozniacki reveals symptoms of her disease

In an interview to Ekstra Bladet Caroline Wozniacki revealed how she learned of her dis, the rheumatoid arthritis. The world No. 3 did not feel well on any level before the US Open. 'I had a little of flu and my voice was very low, and I had not understood that it was part of the symptons, and I was feeling hands, feet and knees pain.

Shoulders and elbow were even worse as I could not wash my teeth and I could not clean my hair as I was doing so bad. And I was tired all the time. It's something I did not think it could hit me. So at first, I thought that it was caused by too much training since I eat healthily and I do all the right things for my body so that it keeps as healthy as possible.

But when symptons were worse, I knew there was something wrong and I visited the doctor. I was not too scared because I knew what could have been. Getting the diagnosis was a sort of wake up. But being able to play at the highest level in the future was not my main worry.'

On her future, Wozniacki, who started the 2019 season in Auckland, added: 'Life will change. There will be days you feel super, and days where you may not be at the top, but you always learn what you can do to feel better and well.

And I also know what to do before and after matches, so that my body recovers better. But I will not stop. That's how it is and then I have just to find a way with which I can play elite sports at such a high level like now, and then I have to be careful about what I eat.'

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