Patrick Mouratoglou launches exciting mobile game: Tennis Manager 2019

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Patrick Mouratoglou launches exciting mobile game: Tennis Manager 2019

Patrick Mouratoglou has always new projects on his mind, and the last one he will launch in Melbourne on Thursday, January 10 is truly an exciting one. This is called Tennis Manager 2019, the first free to play mobile game of its kind available both on Apple Store and Google Play from January 10th. 'It is a management game like the ones that exist in other sports like soccer or football', explained Serena Williams's coach in an exclusive interview with Tennis World USA.

'The aim is to manage all the aspects of the player’s career development on and off the court, as if you were on Tour. You select a young 16 years old player within a huge list of promising top guns (men and women) with different nationalities, style of play, characteristics, and then manage him to improve his skills and bring him to the top of the game.

It is basically what I have been doing as a job for the last 20 years, so it is amazing to me. In this game, you have to hire a Team, decide what to work on during the training, the tournament schedule, negotiate his contracts, deal with the money and even coach your player during the matches.'

Asked to what extent it helps amateur players of any level to improve their games, Mouratoglou replied: 'I am glad to say that, this is a smart and strategic game to me. Thanks to it, you amateur players can understand the behind the scenes of what it takes to build of a champion and all the things that young players have to go through to finally make it or not.

Regarding the gamers, it is a way to feel completely involved in the world of professional tennis.' You can download Tennis Manager 2019 both on tablet and mobile (iOS and Android), for free.