'My family was scared' - Simona Halep recalls breast surgery

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'My family was scared' - Simona Halep recalls breast surgery

In an interview to The Guardian, Simona Halep recalled the surgery she went through a few years ago in order to reduce her breast and move better on court. Her sacrifice paid off as she became world No. 1 and won her maiden Grand Slam title at last year's French Open defeating Sloane Stephens in a three-set final.

That was the fourth championship clash played by Halep in Majors after 2014 and 2017 French Open and 2018 Australian Open. 'My family was scared', Halep admitted. 'I was not scared because I knew I have to do it for tennis.

My dream was just to be the best. So I was laughing when I went to the doctor. Afterwards, I was so much lighter and all my back problems were gone. So it was the best decision. I was dedicated 100% and did everything for tennis.'

Halep also opened on how her character changed over the years: 'Sometimes I was crying that I don’t want to go to the court because I was too shy. I was very introverted. I am still an introvert. I am open now. I improved a lot and I can be more natural.'

At the beginning of her career the 27-year-old got financially helped by Ion Tiriac and other Romanian investors. Now she wants to give back: 'I received a lot from tennis so it’s good to help others because it’s very difficult.

Many talented kids get lost because they don’t have the money. Tennis is an expensive sport in Romania.' Halep feels satisfied with her career: 'All the people I love were there and when I lift the trophy, and the national song is played, it was the best moment I ever had.

I was crying because it was huge. Maybe it will be my best moment as an athlete. But let’s see. Maybe the future will give me even more.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title