I have just had enough of everyone: Bernard Tomic shrugs aside critics

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I have just had enough of everyone: Bernard Tomic shrugs aside critics

Bernard Tomic has received a lot of criticism in the last years. The Australian once achieved a career-high ranking at no. 17, but he has not fullfilled his potential yet. However, he is confident about the future, and is not focusing on what people are saying.

'You know me, there’s no more point to talk. I’ve just had enough of everyone … so I would rather not speak,' Tomic told Courier Mail. The Australian Open main draw action starts in less than a week and Tomic, definitely, is willing to compete at his best.

What will the future bring? 'We’ll see, we’ll see. Obviously, I shouldn’t have stopped last year but I gave myself a bit of a break because I needed it. Now the focus is the next couple of years. If I play my best, I can have a good year.

To be honest, tennis is not the main priority. It’s to stay healthy and enjoy. I have to do my job, it’s not the end of the world, you know,' said Tomic. He also does not think that having a low ranking is necessarily a reason that indicates you are going to have bad results: 'It’s like all of a sudden people look at Andy Murray’s ranking of 280 or look at (Jo-Wilfried) Tsonga’s ranking of 100 and say they’re finished.

You can’t say those things about people who’ve been at the top for long periods. People go on about Nick’s (Kyrgios) ranking and stuff and Thanasi’s (Kokkinakis) ranking. It doesn’t matter. It takes years and years to get to the top of the sport.

All people have different issues, they have injuries. We’ve chosen not to play as much and that’s our responsibility. But we’re humans and we need rest. It’s not easy playing this sport for many years.'

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