Alexander Zverev attends parties, doesn't drink alcohol with friends

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Alexander Zverev attends parties, doesn't drink alcohol with friends

In an interview to Tages Woche, the world No. 4 Alexander Zverev commented on his improvements, character and tennis in general. In 2017 the Hamburg native broke through on the biggest tennis stage, winning two Masters 1000s, Rome and Canada, plus Washington, Montpellier and Munich.

'(In 2017) I got settled, I won more, I was trusting myself more, I got the confirmation that I can really compete with the greatest guys and even beat them', admitted Zverev. The 21-year-old feels calmer than the past: 'I am much more in control', he recognized.

'But if a player is totally calm and never says anything, then I feel like if he did not care about his job.' And how does he try to improve? If he played very bad, 'I directly turn to the training, working. And I stop being angry.'

If he instead loses calmness and happiness, he wants to stay alone: 'I am not speaking with anybody. Even my family knows it, they leave me in peace during these moments.' And he is alone on the court as well when he competes for the biggest titles: 'Tennis has this magic, that you have to face so much alone.

Like a singer on a stage.' He is proud about his passion for tennis: 'There was not a day on which I did not want to do my job. At this level tennis only works it you invest 100% on yourself.' As a teenager Zverev also played in football, and became a junior champion with a hockey team.

At the 12 years of age, he decided to just play tennis: 'I never looked back, this is the right sport for me.' Zverev lives and loves tennis: 'With every fibre of my body.' Time to time Zverev attends player's party in tournaments but he never drinks alcohol: 'I am a pretty relaxed guy, off the court.'

But the even more important thing for him is what comes the following morning: 'I will be the first on the training court.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title