We expect younger players to win a Grand Slam, says Novak Djokovic

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We expect younger players to win a Grand Slam, says Novak Djokovic

In an interview to Sport 360 during the Mubadala World Tennis Championship in Abu Dhabi in December 2018, Novak Djokovic commented on the Next Generation players' potential. He believes that the new guys can achieve a lot in the future.

"There’s always a possibility and rightfully we’re kind of expecting them to be Grand Slam winners soon," said Djokovic. "Number one is Zverev obviously, who has been now top-three in the world for a couple of years in a row, winning London, winning I think three Masters 1000 events.

He’s definitely the leader of the up-and-coming stars and the next generation. You have guys like Tsitsipas, (Dominic) Thiem, Khachanov, (Borna) Coric, these guys are showing that they’re able to challenge the top players for the top titles of our sport so for sure I’m expecting them to do well this season.

How well? We’ll see”. Djokovic also added: "It’s not the first time that we’re expecting young players to challenge all of us for top positions. So far the top-three guys have been still able to keep those three positions of the world for many years, we’ll see what happens.

But the face of tennis is changing because you’re having more challengers from the younger generation and it’s good. I embrace that, I salute that as a fan of the sport." ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title