Nick Kyrgios: 'My team says I should not play basketball too much'

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Nick Kyrgios: 'My team says I should not play basketball too much'

Nick Kyrgios is a passionate basketball fan. The Australian player often said that between a tennis and basketball match, he always picks basketball on TV. He was spotted playing it in Melbourne ahead of the Australian Open. Interviewed by ESPN, Kyrgios commented on his passion for the basketball: "I was 14 and my parents came to me and gave me the talk that I had to choose between tennis and basketball.

It was a tough decision, definitely", the Canberra native admitted. "To this day it kills me a little bit. But growing up in Australia at the time, tennis was one of the biggest sports and it was easier to make it as a tennis player than as a basketball player.

I do wish that I did play a bit of basketball, though. I'd take a couple of minutes off the bench anywhere!" Kyrgios dealt with several injuries in recent times, but when he can, he goes playing basketball with his friends.

"The movement in basketball is actually very similar [to tennis]", said Kyrgios. "My trainer and my team tell me not to play too much, obviously because of injuries, but I do love it and I do use it as cross-training.

I actually played two nights ago with some mates for a couple of hours. I love the sport." ALSO READ: Roger Federer adds new tournament to February 2019 schedule!