Sloane Stephens: 'Andy Murray is probably the funniest person on Tour'

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Sloane Stephens: 'Andy Murray is probably the funniest person on Tour'

In a press conference following her straight-set win over Taylor Townsend on Monday at the Australian Open, Sloane Stephens commented on Andy Murray's retirement from tennis. The American player shared her disappointment with commenting about the news.

'I'm going to miss him', Stephens admitted. 'Honestly, I think he's one of the nicest guys on tour. Everyone is always like, ‘he's so dry, he's not funny’. He's probably the funniest person on tour.

I think he just didn't get enough credit. So unrecognized, like he didn't get enough acknowledgement. And I think now, like, I hate when somebody dies and everyone wants to be, ‘Oh, my God, they were such a great person’.

And now he's retiring and everyone's like, ‘he's such a great person’. But he was great before and nobody paid attention. It's so sad. So I think, I mean, it's tough, but I couldn't – when he was crying, that's just a situation, like, you cannot see a grown man, I'm like, Oh, no.

It's so sad, like, it's just – I don't know. Now I'm going to cry. It's just too much. I'm going to miss him. I think he's been great for the game, especially for the women. He's been so supportive.

Like I said before, Judy raised a good, young lad. He's been quite the guy.' Asked if he has any particular favourite Andy anecdote or anything, Stephens replied: 'I'd say I posted a lot of videos of, like, my coaches sleeping and random people sleeping, and he would always message me and be like, ‘it must be your great conversation’.

like literally every time. I'm, like, this guy. I could always count on him to be, ‘it must be your conversation’ Yeah, that's my favourite thing about him.' On Murray's support towards women's tennis, Stephens concluded: 'I think he's – yeah, I think it's very unique that he has that sense of awareness.

Not everyone has that. I think we have been lucky to have someone support the women's game as he has. We would hope to get more support in the future. I hope people do follow in his footsteps. Yeah, I mean, we're going to miss him a lot.'

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