John McEnroe blasts Alexander Zverev: 'He would have lost even in qualies'

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John McEnroe blasts Alexander Zverev: 'He would have lost even in qualies'

Alexander Zverev's struggles in Grand Slams have been well-known. The 21-year-old only reached a quarter-final in Majors, at last year's French Open losing to Dominic Thiem. The Hamburg native lost to Milos Raonic in a fourth round straight-set match at the Australian Open on Monday and the seven-time Grand Slam winner John McEnroe, commenting the match on Channel 9, blasted Zverev's performance.

"That’s crazy. That’s like twilight zone stuff. Right now he is not exuding positive energy. He’s moping a little bit. And he’s down a set, down a break. Things are not going well. He is also giving positive feedback to a player who doesn’t need any more than the scoreboard is giving him.

It’s a different energy than a lot of other top players would give off. Certainly Rafa wouldn’t be doing anything other than coming out of his skin trying to get back into it. Just generally speaking the body language, he’s got the racquet sort of drooping towards the ground.

He’s not sticking his chest out at all. He gives himself a sarcastic thumbs up there. A sports psychologist would do a lot with this little clip of Zverev as far as things not to do in this environment", said McEnroe.

"He would have lost in the first round of qualifying. This is incredible how bad this is. ” Todd Woodbridge, also criticized Zverev: “It’s all just a little lazy." ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title