Milos Raonic comments on Alexander Zverev breaking racket

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Milos Raonic comments on Alexander Zverev breaking racket

Milos Raonic defeated Alexander Zverev in straight sets, 6-1 6-1 7-6(5), to reach the Australian Open quarter-finals for the fourth time in his career. In press conference, the Canadian was asked about Zverev breaking his racket when being down 4-1 in the second set.

'I don't think I looked over. I think it was pretty clear what was going on. It can have an effect a lot of different ways', said Raonic. 'If you're a top guy and you do that against somebody who doesn't have experience, it might sort of cause them to retreat a little bit.

I have sort of faced that situation, and I was also ahead at that point, so I was just really focusing on myself. So I wasn't really thinking too much about him on his end. So it didn't really have too much of an effect.

Obviously you never know why the other guy is doing it. Sometimes a guy can do it to try to help himself. Sometimes it can be just purely frustration. You just try to focus on your own thing and continue at that point.' Raonic feels confident for the future: 'I had a really good off-season.

I put in some of the best hours in a long period of time, maybe if ever. I'm not the kind of guy that needs a lot of matches. For me, it's about being sharp, moving well, and being efficient with my serve and this kind of thing.

If I can get those kind of things, my serve always buys me time in matches and in tournaments to sort of figure things out. It can keep me alive for a while. As long as I have the freedom to put in the work and with no physical hindrances, I think I can always give myself a chance.'

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