Petra Kvitova in tears: 'It's my second career'

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Petra Kvitova in tears: 'It's my second career'

Petra Kvitova feels proud for her straight-set win over Ashleigh Barty in the Australian Open quarter-finals. The Czech player prevailed 6-1 6-4 to reach her first Grand Slam semifinal since her hand incident in December 2016.

'It was kind of a mix of emotions of everything I've been through', said Kvitova. 'You know, sometimes I'm not really recognizing anything from the past. But when Jim asked that, it wasn't really easy for me to kind of see myself being in a semifinal after everything.

I always wanted to come back and play on the highest level I can, compete with the best, play the Grand Slams, actually be very deep in the Grand Slam, which is happening. Yeah, it just took me a bit to the tears, but it was happy tears, for sure.'

Kvitova added: 'I'm calling it as my second career. So it's the first semifinal of the second career. But, yeah, it took me a while, for sure. I never really played so well on the Grand Slams, so I'm happy this time it's different.

I'm really enjoying it. Yeah, the tournament is still not over yet, so... That's how it is.' 'I was nervous today, for sure. I knew it will be a tough one. We played in Sydney. I knew it will be, like, a big fight because Sydney was a big, big fight about the title.

I was nervous during this tournament, as well, especially the first round, and actually the last round when I played Anisimova, as well. There are matches when I am nervous, but I can't really do anything with that. I just need to have a good warmup to kind of stress it out and play from the first point, which I did today, as well.

That was important. I felt more relaxed afterwards.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title