Goran Ivanisevic comments on Alexander Zverev's Majors failure

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Goran Ivanisevic comments on Alexander Zverev's Majors failure

In an interview to the Tennis Podcast the 2001 Wimbledon champion Goran Ivanisevic commented on Alexander Zverev's potential. Once again, the 21-year-old failed in a Grand Slam losing to Milos Raonic in a straight-set fourth round match.

Ivanisevic is Raonic's coach. 'He is there, he was No. 3 in the world but when Grand Slams come something is strange', said Ivanisevic On Ivan Lendl joining forces with Zverev, Ivanisevic pointed out Lendl's success with Andy Murray winning three Grand Slams: 'Andy and Ivan played similar tennis so it's a perfect match.

Not every coach is for every player. People sometimes pick a big name because they say, "He is a big guy, I can make it" But it's wrong. He is still young, we will see what he is gonna do.' Then Ivanisevic also commented on why not all the former players turn coaches: “Not everybody is made for coaching.

You can’t have a big ego and be a coach. For me it’s a challenge, I really enjoy it. I try to make things simple for my players. I think Milos should be happy the way this season has started for him. He had a poor last season with injury.

Finally we had good preparation. Finally we could say he was fit, ready, and without pain. And he performed. Milos Raonic is back again. People fear him. People talk about him. The goal was to put himself back on the map to be a contender to win a Grand Slam.

And he proved here that he can do that. The most important thing for him is to stay healthy. 'We worked a lot on his return, which was not perfect in the past. On his volley which can be better. I wanted to make it simple for him.'

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