Leo Borg has a big heart for tennis, says father Bjorn

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Leo Borg has a big heart for tennis, says father Bjorn

In an interview to Afton Bladet, the 11-time Grand Slam winner Bjorn Borg commented on his son Leo's passion for tennis. Leo is 15 years old and he hopes to have a future in professional tennis. 'Leo has a big heart, he thinks tennis is important and he loves what he does', said Bjorn, who feels confident about the future of Swedish tennis that is not featuring too many legends lately after going through some great times with Borg himself, Stefan Edberg, Mats Wilander and Thomas Enqvist: 'You may start writing about tennis again in the future because there are a lot of good guys in Sweden.'

For Bjorn, getting more and more experiences will be the key: 'He will travel and play in Europe and in the world. He needs support from me and (wife) Patricia. Nothing comes for free and it's pretty costly to go around the world and play.

But you have to do it in order to develop yourself.' The tennis coach Percy Rosberg said: 'I told Bjorn that Leo misses easy balls. When you have a good time and you are good in technique, you should not send the ball to the net.

Bjorn and I counted nine, ten easy errors and I was like: "It must be a nightmare for you since you never missed a ball" He cannot be like you.' Borg was the Team Europe's captain in 2018 and 2017 Laver Cup, and he will be in Geneva for the third edition in September.

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