Sania Mirza: The plan is to come back by US Open

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Sania Mirza: The plan is to come back by US Open

Recently having her first child, Indian Grand Slam winner Sania Mirza recently spoke about making a possible comeback to tennis by the end of the year and hopefully by the US Open. She spoke about making the return and reducing weight before she does so.

As women, we always think we’ll get married, have kids. But this last one year I realised that it is amazing what all a woman is capable of. Having a kid is experiencing selfless love. For me, tennis is my priority.

End of the year, hopefully at US Open, the plan is to come back”. She also spoke about the allocation of responsibility with her husband Shoaib Malik, who at the moment is bracing himself for the upcoming cricket World Cup.

“Shoaib does it but I’m the one who changes diapers most of the time. Since it’s the year of World Cup, Shoaib has been keeping very busy preparing for it. He comes for 3-4 days and he is generally so tired that I let him rest.

I’m not playing right now. So, I tell him that I will manage Izhaan, you concentrate on your game,” she said. “Few days back, I had posted a photo on my social media account where I’m playing with Izhaan and Shoaib is sleeping next to us.

I know the life of a sportsperson and how difficult it is to spend time with family, so whenever he is home, I don’t bother him with anything,” she added. ALSO READ Dubai Open TD: It's never challenging for the event to bring Roger Federer